Geoportal/Spatial Data Infrastructure of Galicia

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2D viewer

The 2D viewer is a tool for viewing the cartography and images of Galicia from different sources in an interoperable and interactive way. The following information can be consulted from the viewer:

  • Population entities
  • Transportation network
  • Protected sites
  • Land use
  • Hydrography
  • Administrative units
  • Aerial images


Access to interoperable web services that allow the location, display, download and transformation of geographic information. 


Search and location of cartographic data and geographic information web services in the catalog of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Galicia.


Access all the download information from the download center, the download viewer, as well as from the other portal viewers for sectoral information.


Cartography Registry

Access all the information of the Galician Cartography Registry.


RBP Viewer

Access all the information of Regional Basic Plan Viewer.


Collaborative project of the Xunta de Galicia and the local administration to obtain very high resolution aerial images.


Web portal that allows consultation of the status of urban planning of the municipalities of Galicia.

Place names

Access to the platform for toponymy consultation and participation in the collection of toponyms.

The Digital Map Library of Galicia

Access to images and historical cartography of Galicia.